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A business called ShowWiz

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By crafters, for crafters. Your exhaustive Ottawa craft and arts show directory.

My fiancée and I have been quite busy of late, organically growing a local Ottawa business called ShowWiz. Kaitlynne Rae has been involved in the crafting scene for a few years and one thing we’ve learned is that crafting aside, there is a lot of time spent sourcing crafting shows, gathering information and planning the calendar. Following a rant to me about how hard it was to keep track of everything and how magical it would be if there was a place that had it all in one spot, I said “Why don’t we make that?” With that, the idea was born. And we totally did.

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But what is ShowWiz? ShowWiz lets those in direct sales find shows that are open to them with ease. It enables crafters and makers to find juried shows that might appeal to them more. It brings all the information – from location, to dates, to table cost, to application type, to organizer – into one, central place (and one very awesome calendar). ShowWiz takes the stress out of finding events.

After solid months of toil through the Fall, we opened the service to the world near the end of October. We’re not rushing – we’re growing this organically, starting right here in our hometown of Ottawa. Already, we’ve heard very good things from the vendors and organizers that we strive to build community relations with. If you like to shop for crafted items or have a passion for crafting yourself, our ShowWiz Calendar is right for you. If you don’t see an event that you’re organizing or know of, do let us know.