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A long wait for a great GPU

I’ve been waiting for my new graphics card to arrive since before Christmas!!! I even sold my ex-graphic card a few weeks ago in anticipation of a timely delivery. Boy did I pwn myself well; I haven’t touched a game since January 12th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How I missed that sweet sweet carnage and thunder. So, lets take a look at my baby.

That’s right. You see that badboy right there. I know you wanna know what it can do (I did too) so I did some 3DMark 06 tests – the first with my stock settings, and the second with some light overclocking.

  • CPU: Athlon FX-55 2.61 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB PC-3200 DDR @ 400 MHz
  • GPU core: 660 MHz
  • GPU mem: 1900 MHz
  • CPU: Athlon FX-55 2.79 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB PC-3200 DDR @ 400 MHz
  • GPU core: 680 MHz
  • GPU mem: 1950 MHz

As mighty as the FX-55 was for so many years, it’s finally showing its age, lagging far behind Intel’s Core Duo chipset. As for RAM, DDR simply isn’t at the of the game anymore. I will do more overclocking later; I need to do some reading first. For starters, I couldn’t push the CPU past that 2.8 GHz mark; I think I needed to adjust the voltage but I didn’t know what the default voltage is and couldn’t be bothered to look it up. I will also tweak the RAM
next time, putting those shiny copper RAMsinks of mine to use. As for the graphics card, I will run a full stress-test to determine the sweet spots – this overclocked test was purely a guesstimation, I didn’t even do a burn-in for it (I’m that hardcore) However, I am aiming to get 8000+ next time. That would be pretty sweet eh?