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A reason why Larry Ullman is awesome

So, if you’re interested in developing with PHP, you should really check out the Yii Framework. And if you like what you see, I strongly recommend Larry Ullman’s Yii Book. While still in the making, you can buy it now and receive the updates as Larry writes and revises the chapters. And how committed is Larry to providing the best finished product? This is how much:

Then, I thought “You know, I wasn’t pleased with the quality of the 0.4 release, so why don’t I take a bit of time to polish this thing up a bit while I wait to hear back from the tech editors?” Well, “polishing” 300+ pages took a lot more time than I planned.  I re-tested all the code, just to be safe, and even re-took every image. See the release notes (below) for all the gory details.

Also, I did something wonderful. Beautiful. Really sharp. I finally figured out how to format all the tips, notes, and warnings a bit differently so they really stand out. Oh, it was nice. A thing to behold. While re-editing the entire book, I made all the formatting changes to support this new look. And then…it made a big mess. Yuck. Ick. It was working, and then it wasn’t. At 7:30 on a Saturday night. And so, as I needed to get the update out, I had to forgo those formatting changes this time around. All the effort wasn’t wasted per se, but the fruits of my labors will be reaped another day. Drat.

yii book cover