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Diamond Shreddies

I’m sure that we all have our favorite childhood cereals. My favorites were always Corn Flakes, Shreddies, Rice Crispies and Cheerios. Things change, however; I haven’t had corn flakes for a LONG time and I didn’t see them in Loblaws or Costco recently. Were they just out of stock, or are they not made anymore? Cheerios, I seem to have outgrown – they seem to taste rather plain and, well, bland. Rice Crispies are still ok; a small cup with milk makes for a perfect snack when I’m feeling peckish.

As for Shreddies, they are making a comeback. I’m pleased with Their recently launched campaign at bringing Shreddies to the family table. Their new approach at Shreddies is a breath of fresh air, and certainly good corporate decision. Their revamped design? Diamond Shreddies! You can really taste the difference, from crunchiness to the…. *breaks down laughing*. I saw an advertisement for the diamond Shreddies on a billboard and almost crapped myself laughing. Brilliant marketing for sure but pity that Eddie and Freddie were nixxed.