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DIY: Bake a Belgian Waffle

Smother that waffle with chocobutter and drizzle with maple syrop to form the mother of all desserts.

Bake a Belgian Waffle dessert and satisfy that sweet tooth.

The wonderful thing about waffles are that waffles are wonderful things. You can have them with some jam for breakfast, with cheese & ham for lunch, or in this case, gussy them up as a dessert item. I have a sweet tooth 😀

Trying my hand at Belgian waffle-making the other night, the results were quite delicious. I don’t have a firm recipe so follow my steps with a grain of salt, but this should yield 2 waffles. I ended up with 1 and 1/2 waffles but I filled the waffle iron to the brim the first time and produced Godzilla waffle. Anyway, lets cook!