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Fish SVN and Hulk! (oh my)

What do these three things have in common? Not a whole lot outside the scope of my weekend. But let me tell you about it like you’ve never heard before.

First up, the Merivale Fish Market, a locally owned casual eatery which puts their money into the food rather than the front. If you like tasty fish this is the right place for you! you can check them out at Their site isn’t complete at the moment but do take a look at these favourable reviews There seems to be many a satisfied customer willing to return for seconds.

Up next, the hot topic of software versioning. After several fruitless hours, I was frustrated and just wanted an SVN server up and running. Not being all too familiar with the SVN commands, a GUI was definitely high up on the list of desired features. Was it too much to ask? Of course not; It can be done and it’s happening right here at VisualSVN Painless to install, intuitive to set up, and it works like a dream:)

To top it off, this one is for all you action buffs. Nothing like topping off a weekend with over an hour of kick-ass action! He’s big, he’s green and he certainly delivers in Hulk VS, a double-feature that pits Wolverine and the Weapon-X team against the Hulk, followed by the Hulk rampaging in Asgard to do battle with the mighty Thor. Have at it! Just a thought, Brock Lesnar = The Hulk? Perhaps not after his bout with Velasquez…