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Fletcher wildlife park

A natural exploration in a local park.

Tonight I saw beauty like I haven’t seen in a long time. Simply put, Mother Nature is a total babe.

Behind Carleton University is a small reserve called the Fletcher Wildlife park, and I wish I had known about it sooner. Peaceful, serene, private, beautiful; those words come to mind when recalling my romp around my newly discovered primitive paradise.

I actually discovered it quite by accident. I set off to photograph the sunset and was looking for high ground for an optimal vantage point so I blindly walked in the direction of the Hartwell locks, up over the hill, and right into the secret garden.

Check out the cool pics I took. Sadly, the sunset was nowhere in the league of last evening’s red diffusion, but there was a particularly good cloud reflection off Dunton Tower. Not a fully satisfying compensation, but there will be other opportunities. Gotta love summertime, when it’s really that bright outside between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

And without further ado, I present to you said wildlife park.