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How was your weekend?

I’ve been neglecting my blog recently. Gommen nasai. So, I had some interesting mail; Phil’s postcard from Kenya arrived, including insightful gems of wisdom. I’ll keep those in mind should I ever decide to tour Africa. My laptop also arrived – yes that’s right, I finally won a laptop bid on Ebay. Booyakasha!

Saturday was also fun. LXC took place. Picking up Anders was almost disastrous; Fenton advised that we throw crab apples at Stellan and Anders when they opened the door so I picked up a few and fired at Stellan. One of them went right over his head, through the door, and barely missed his mom, who just stared at me shocked. Myself in shock, I kept apologizing. It was sooo embarrassing… Anyway, back at home, setup took forever as usual, but this time it was for a new problem: The monitor I lent Lillian has a semi-broken cable, the red channel only works if you twist the cable close to the VGA head (The cable is probably broken) so I spent at least 30 mins using masking tape to apply some torque on the cable (see pic). The result was the world’s most hacked tape job, but it worked, kinda. Fenton made me watch Talladega Nights – my prediction was correct; it’s garbage. You can see pics of the event in the photo album below.

Last but not in the least, I know have my full G driving license. Killed that test!!!