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Pacman is gone?

I went to launch my current favorite Facebook application, u-arcade’s pacman, and was greeted with this cheerless message.

Dear users – we have been asked by Bandai to remove Pacman from Facebook. So around 2-3pm PST today we will be taking Pacman off the application and replacing it with other games. We are truly sorry to have to take away your favorite game, but we will be talking with Bandai to hopefully be able to return Pacman to you – our devoted users. So in the meantime please enjoy the new games we will be adding every few days. Please let us know which ones you like or don’t like. -DLPlease hang in there we are making new and better games and we will be adding score tracking to those as well. We were caught by surprise by Bandai and they only gave us 24 hours to change it. We are still hoping to get PacMan back up by negotiating with Bandai.

Oh noes, please don’t cut into Bandai’s sales profit. Come on, sympathize with the big guy for once. People, can’t you see how this blatant act of piracy is sending home Bandai’s employees hungry and penniless? *scoffs* What a load of crap.