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Shamrock Shake

It’s one of those days; catching up on the zzzzz, you awaken to the nearing of noon on a gentle winter’s day. The sun shning, the snow melting, the stomach growling. What to eat indeed. Eggs? Peanutbutter? Breakfast even? Nah, it’s too late for a petit dejeuner, and I want something more hearty anyway. It’s hard work sleeping that late!

At this point, my brother Mike also surfaces and he doesn’t want to cook either. That decided, we set off for a salubrious Tim Hortons sandwich. I won’t lie, I was also totally in it for Rolling the Rim. You see, I’m going to win one of the Toyota Matrix cars – it’s just there waiting for me in one of those cups. As yet I’ve won a free donut and a free coffee – it’s a start but hey you gotta build these things up to get the grand prize right?

And Timmies it is and off we go, to this plaza near our house. It’s a convenient plaza, too convenient even. For you see, in the vicinity can be found a McDonalds, a Tim Hortons, and a Burger King. And let me tell you, nothing strikes jackpot when you’re hungry like a photo of a giant whopper with a nice thick patty and fresh veggies glistening with moisture. I know they exagerate to a certain extent but it looks so good! Tim who?

I’ll confess, I did hear a few Burger King commercials in the past week or so and while I didn’t consciously think about it at the time, somewhere deep down inside I was lusting a burger and standing in the presence of the King, I knew it then. It’s packed, it’s loaded, it’s bursting with flavour, it’s a Steakhouse XT Burger! Say it with me, Steakhouse XT Burger. Steakhouse XT Burger! STEAKHOUSE XT BURGER!

But what of this Shamrock Shake? Don’t worry I’m getting to it now, before the pot of gold vanishes. This green-tinged treat caught my eye the night before when I was at the very same plaza, getting my daily Tim’s. I was torn; I wanted it but not at 1:30 in the morning. I was patient, and I bid my time for almost half a day, and everybody knows that you drink milkshakes with your hambuger. I digress for the moment to lucidly describe my great surprise at the radical transformation that McDonalds has undergone. It was classy! Cheap plastic benches with tacky pleather upholstery were done away with, the drab worn floor replaced with big tiles, funky lighting and columns giving the place a breath of fresh air, and last but not least, funky posters and LCD TVs showcasing the food things in a most appetizing manner while the menu itself has been totally revamped to look more like that of a gourmet bistro. In short, were you to have led me in blindfolded and then told me where we are, I would have laughed and then exclaimed, “no really.” Your insistence would bring forth but more humoured laughter on my part.

I suppose the real shock was not so much the new look, for I have seen McDonalds that look as classy as… a classy restaurant can be, but the locale rather. This branch has been a simple dumpy place as long as I can remember, providing a quick burger, a venue to eat it, and hold the frills. But now, I would actually socialize here, and the menu sports some rather decent additions in both the food and beverage categories. A well calculated marketing move on the
franchise’s part.

Yes, the shamrock shake at last! Are you looking for excitement? Do you want a cold refreshing beverage? Does mint tickle your fancy? Now you can have all of this and McDonalds is where it’s happening!!! Go on, don’t hold back. After all, the pot of gold won’t be there forever. But it’s there now, within your grasp. Have a Shamrock Shake today. Have one for your family, have one for you! I know I will. And what will you do?