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Sushi buffet – All you can eat!

And believe me, we had all we could eat. Watashitachi ga takusan sushi o tabemashita! My brothers’ birthday was on Wednesday so I took them out for dinner at Sushi Kan, which in my opinion has fabulous service, and sushi of course:D It’s a buffet, how can you go wrong?

The way their buffet works is a bit different though. There is no serve-yourself area – instead you repeatedly order items from the menu. Now here’s the catch, any food you order but are unable to finish, you must pay separately for that item on top of the buffet rate.

Being carried away by the sight of 150+ different sushi, Chris ordered several sushi and I didn’t watch what he was writing on the paper. Apparently, he put x3 or x4 for many of the items so that “all three of us could have one” but he didn’t realize that many of the items come in fours or sixes, so he was effectively ordering 18 – 24 pieces of sushi. At first we plowed through the food like a hot knife through butter, but after an hour we reached that point where capacity is almost reached. Much to our dismay, 2 more plates of 18 sushi each arrived and we just stared. Mike fled to the washroom while Chris and I dug in but rest assured, we saved Mike’s share for him;-)

Realizing that we were about to get into considerable trouble, we asked to waiter to please cancel all remaining items on our order, at which he rushed to the kitchen to do just so. I think I’ve had enough sushi to last me the rest of the year – we each ate just under 50 pieces. Looking at the bill, I think we almost finished though – a legendary feat to be told and retold down the generations as it is.

By now, I’ll bet you’re all wondering where this so-called glorified trophy-bill is. Fear not, I’ve included it to satisfy the curiosity 🙂