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I switched to Death Wish coffee, and it’s damn good!

Ah coffee, the rocket fuel of society. It gets you from point A to point B but the question is really whether you want regular or premiummmmmmm!

I myself turned to coffee out of necessity; I had to finish an assignment at all costs and simply not adequately alert to perform mental juggling. I had heard of the wonders of this coffee and grabbed a 75 cent cup from those god-awful coffee dispensers. It tasted like mud (probably ground this morning) and my brain sprang into action.

With time I learned that while the aroma is seldom bad, coffee can actually be delicious with the right beans. With further adventure, I also learned of the various methods of preparation and their appropriate grind sizes for best results.

Now the internet, resourceful as it is, somehow discovered that I’m a bit of a coffee junkie and advertised to me the Death Wish brand, touted to be the World’s Strongest Coffee. My interest piqued, I perused their website and hey they seem to know what they are doing and with passion. At this point I simply had to try this out.


The Planetjon verdict? Delightful. Aromatic to smell, rich and smooth to taste while not overly bold. Of course it delivers a strong caffeine kick within minutes. Did it feel 3 times stronger than a Starbucks coffee? I wouldn’t go so far but it is the good stuff that you want to start off a day of productivity with Death Wish Coffee