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Trekking Mt. Everest for a Cause!

My name is Maja and I’m trekking Mt Everest for a cause. Read my story!

Hey guys, an awesome friend of mine is doing this crazy thing of trekking Mount Everest to fund raise for Brighter Future Children’s Home. What say we help her help childrens’ lives! Think of the children; somebody think of the children!

Hi all! My name is Maja and I’m taking part in Global Volunteer Network’s (GVN) 2014 Mt Everest Trek!

The purpose of this trek is to raise funds to support children who are cared for by the Brighter Future Children’s Home to help provide them with nutritional and educational needs. Not only that, but I will be trekking to Base Camp of the biggest mountain in the world! Neat huh?

The experience will be challenging, not just because of the physical strains from the trek, but also because I’m visually impaired. However, I’m such a determined person and this is really something I’m passionate about. I’m up for the challenge and I plan on conquering it! Read more about my cause 🙂